Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 Goth Goals

 1. DIY if You Dare…and Get it Done
           At the top of my list are my deathrock vest and vampire jacket. When that lightning bolt of inspiration strikes, I often begin a project without having all the components first. Unfortunately, being unorganized causes me to forget what tools are still needed, lose a patch or button, etc. The money and time involved to procure specific items is also another factor; it can take several months just to finish something that could easily be done in a week or two if I budgeted and planned ahead of time. If you are like me, try to sketch your design out first and make a list of what you already have v. what you need to purchase. Having the design down on paper helps me realize that my idea may involve more time or money than I can spare at the moment. And from there, you can alter the concept to fit your budget, schedule, or skill level.    
        Thankfully, I've managed to overcome my fear of failure when it comes to DIY. My advice to those who are want to start but don’t know how is to simply prioritize creative time. Turn off your social media notifications, turn on some music or a favorite horror movie and just do it. Forget perfection and relax, enjoy the process of creating. I find that when I make a mistake, and “ruin” something, I’m able to fix it or even make the thing better than originally planned.                                                      
2. Experiment with Hair and Make-up
        My hair is REALLY annoying me at the moment. Growing out my asymmetrical, layered bob has been a major pain in the ass. I also have the habit of getting frustrated and impulsively grabbing the scissors to give myself a midnight chop job, proper manic pixie girl style. I want longer hair, however having baby fine strands makes it nearly impossible to have a long hairstyle that doesn’t end up looking limp and lifeless.  The solution may very well be a loose perm, or at the very least, more frequent use or curlers and crimping irons.   
Hair adventures from the flip phone era
As far as cosmetics go, I have such mixed feelings about the industry, as well as the prevalence of Goth beauty standards on the internet. For me, coming to Goth was partially a response to the rejection of these expectations of gender performativity. Yet, I find myself avoiding more extreme looks out of sheer laziness, or just wanting to feel safe and not attracted unwanted harassment or sexual advances. Certain events in my past have caused me to hide away from showing myself to the world. 2018 is going to be the end of that era.
The problem with experimenting is that I have to present myself somewhat normally for work, and I have super sensitive skin, so the feeling of heavy makeup on my face is very hard for me to tolerate for more than a couple of hours. On top of all this, certain chemicals cause my face to get really red and itchy. On a daily basis I may not have the occasion to slap on the warpaint, but I can at least got creative in the comfort of my own bathroom and take pics if I like the way it turns out. That way, I can test new products and wash it all off right away if it causes my skin to get irritated.
 3. Discover New Bands
                We all have our old favorites, but I'd really like to hear more new music in 2018. The other day while sorting out my music files, I discovered that there was an entire folder full of Goth complication albums that have never been listened to! Much of it consists of artists that are already in my collection, but there have been some nice surprises here and there. My one piece of advice would be to ask the DJ when you hear a new song at the club that you like. Some DJs will post their playlist the day after on the events page, which I have found helpful even when unable to attend the event. If you have any resources or suggestions for newer music, please do share! In the meantime, check out the Modern Goth Playlist and GothicBop:Batwave and Guilty Pleasures.
 4. Become a Curator
             During my normal phase, I had a professional color and image analysis (to say I was having a major identity crisis is the understatement of the century). Although I have returned to the dark side(mwhahaha!!) the knowledge from that session still resonates with me. One of my favorite pieces of advice she gave was “be a curator”. Know what colors, motifs, fabrics, shapes work for you and only buy those. Don’t be afraid to invest more in a quality product if your budget affords it.                                    The main example she gave was cosmetics, because she felt that women owned more makeup than they would realistically ever use, and that money could be going to interesting accessories or quality shoes. This was definitely true for me, at one point I had over 20 tubes of lipstick yet only wore 4-6 of them on a regular basis! Makeup expires so it was basically clutter and wasted money after a year or so. Let’s say you enjoy red matte lipstick. Find the best, most comfortable, long wearing, flattering shade of red and buy that, rather than owning 10 tubes of basically the same color from the drugstore that you couldn’t swatch or try out before you made the purchase.At the beginning of 2017, I went through all my boxes of old black clothes, as well as the normal clothes I’d been hiding in. As much as I’d like to say that I was still in love with all my old Goth gear, it just wasn’t the case. Some stuff was cheap and looked terrible, other items just weren’t my style anymore. I also found that there were pieces from my normal phase that I still really enjoyed wearing, and some even fit in well with my 20s jazz era vampire look. Plus, sometimes I like to dress like a crazy cat lady librarian: D     
Skirt(Modcloth), Saddle shoes(Payless)
            The goal is to continue this process with my jewelry, bags, basically everything in my life. Lately, I’ve been drawn to a more minimalistic approach and would like my wardrobe to be easier to navigate, yet still unique to me.
Wishing you all the best in 2018,