Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Halloween 13 Tag

Since we have a Friday the 13th AND Halloween coming up, I figured it might be fun to do start a spooky tag. Feel free to join in!

1. Top 3 movies to watch during the Halloween season?
Pumpkinhead, Hocus Pocus, Trick 'r' Treat
Also, old Roseanne episodes!!!

2. Choose a costume: witch, vampires, or zombies? Witch 

3. What is your favorite Halloween sweet treat? Carmel apple suckers are the best!

4. Favorite Halloween memory (or autumn memory if you don't celebrate Halloween).
Carving pumpkins with my dad and he would wear his Freddy Krueger costume and chase us around with the pumpkin guts :D

5. Have you ever seen a ghost or had any paranormal experience? Yes. 

6. You've been given a doll that comes alive with the spirit of which goth musician? What do they do? Are you scared or best buds?
 Robert Smith. He wobbles around, knocking stuff over and giggling. Sometimes, he sings which is nice but mostly I understand nothing he says. Kind of like this LOL <3

7. "This is Halloween"-original version or Marilyn Manson version? Not a huge MM fan, but I actually really like his cover.

8. Drink of choice: pumpkin spiced latte or hot apple cider? Hot apple cider- WITH RUM!!!

9. If you dressed up for Halloween as a child, what was your favorite costume?
    Pics if you've got 'em!!
    If you didn't dress up, what costume would you have chosen?
I think I went as Madonna a few times. Once, my mom made me a clown costume and I cried because it scared me and she made me wear it anyway!! Still scared of clowns to this day :(

I was born to be a star :D
Halloween, 1987
10. Favorite song or poem for this time of year? "Fall Children" by A.F.I.

11. Chose your own adventure!
      a)Get drunk with Edgar Allen Poe and sing "Thriller" at a karoke bar
      b)Do psychedelics with H.P. Lovecraft and go for a midnight swim
      c)Play Vampire:the Masquerade with Bram Stoker at an all night diner until the waitress finally kicks you out at 5a.m.
Why did I make such a hard question? They all sound awesome but I think I have to pick A. That sounds like it would be pretty hilarious :D .

12. Candy corn-yay or nay? Only if you mix it with dry roasted peanuts because it tastes like a PayDay candybar :D

13. What are you plans this year? Care to describe your costume? I may go to the Nocturna costume party the weekend before the 31st, but will probably just hang out with my baby niece and take her trick or treat the night of. My coven does a traditional dumb supper later in the evening. For a costume, I am thinking of a swamp witch/creature OR Frankie Stein from Monster High.