Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Persephone's Descent

The Autumnal Equinox has come and gone. Here in the Midwest, the wheel turns as we embrace old harvest traditions and beautiful scenery.
Appleseed days, harvest home, county fairs, and Oktoberfest. All bring the community and warmth of autumn, along with the sticky-sweet, mischievous, and boozy atmosphere of the midway.
Colorful leaves fall until the trees are barren and their branches poke through shadows, like the gnarled hands of a monster peeking out of a child's closet.
It's a sensual season filled with rich scents, inviting textures, and magical nights that grow longer until Yule.

Candy apples and costume making.
Pumpkin carving and spiked cider.
Scary movie marathons and bonfires.
Ancestors. The Mighty Dead. The Underworld.
At this time, Persephone is on my mind.

Sometimes I think the men who wrote her story got it wrong.*
Or at the very least, left out the juicy stuff.

I can't imagine any budding young woman would want to be under her mother's watchful eye, aimlessly picking flowers forever, especially since Demeter had rejected previous suitors.
And what teenager girl never fell for a bad boy, at least once?!!

Perhaps she wanted to stay so she could finally be a sexual woman, without worry of offending mother. Perhaps she enjoyed the honor and power of being a Queen.
And since she couldn't come right out and say it, she went ahead and ate the pomegranate seeds.
Did Hades trick her, or was it a pact between two star-crossed lovers?
Either way you see it, her story is a powerful one about finding your place and power.
 I highly recommend this book if you'd like to explore her lessons further.
As much as Autumn is the dark half of the year, the "season of the witch", it's also about community. It's a hell of a time to feel/be alone.

If you are single and lonely or depressed- I feel your pain, trust me. I try to tell myself that the wheel of fortune is always turning and no season lasts forever.

All we can do is try to live in the moment and make the best of what's been given to us. Take a midnight stroll, leave the cell at home and listen to the leaves crunch beneath your feet.
Cook a new meal with exotic spices.
Indulge, and buy yourself that body oil or silk nightgown you've had your eye on.
Whatever your situation is, do something that makes you feel alive.
Seduce yourself, seduce your lover.
Autumn has a sense of urgency, as if you have to capture the even the smallest moments of life amidst the surrounding decay.

I might be depressed, but I'm not dead yet.
                    She became the Queen of the Underworld and the bringer of spring,
                                       She found her place, her balance. I can get through this.

* I definitely don't intend to disregard her abduction myth as it has been written. Those who are abuse survivors and find her story extremely useful in healing and shadow work have my respect and support.

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  1. Beautifully written! Autumn is so short here in Atlanta and it's this time of year that I miss northern MN the most. Back when I was an active member of CUUPs and was taking theology classes from our high priestess (she was a Wiccan ordained as a Unitarian), we had that exact same discussion about Persephone. :)